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Jamieson Webster The Psychoanalysis of Panic

This whole dream is some elaboration of a meme I saw on Instagram before going to bed where a woman hands a man a fish, and he asks for a plastic bag, and she says, “it’s already inside.”

July 16, 2019
Natasha Stagg Welcome to the Dollhouse

My coworker and I were sitting in a park in SoHo, eating lunch on our break. “Should I be offended that this guy asked me to get him onto the Shitty Media Men list?” she asked.

June 18, 2019
Sam McKinniss Cockroach Manifesto

A woman I do not know holds the door for me as she’s leaving the restroom, a measure of politeness I was not expecting. I put my phone away and notice the slogan typeset across the front of her T-shirt: MEN HAVE MADE A LOT OF BAD ART.

June 4, 2019