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Adam O'Fallon Price On Vacation

“Why,” asks the girl at the gift shop register, echoing the question I’ve been asking myself on and off for the last week, “would anyone come here on vacation?”

February 25, 2020
Ben Ratliff Message for Ya!

“I’d had enough of the music scene, all that psychedelic shit and white honky monody.”

February 11, 2020
John Menick Remake / Remodel

Cinema has always been a symbolic bulwark against death, but today, with national economies built on precarity and instant obsolescence, onscreen eternity is more desirable than ever.

January 28, 2020
Kashina Under the Cloche

I tie linen serviettes around my neck, a streamer, all colors: the plummed point of an artichoke leaf, Cinderella pumpkin orange, gold and cream like an ear of corn.

January 14, 2020