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Jim Lewis The Neglect of Frank Auerbach

Well, of course you know who he is. Neglect? You know the name, anyway, or at least you’ve come across it. He’s one of those British painters, the one who isn’t Bacon or Freud or Hockney or Hodgkin or Kitaj.

July 16, 2018
Hanif Abdurraqib On Knowing Your Shot Is Good

The shot didn’t always go in, but it almost didn’t matter, the way a rainbow sometimes touches down inside the heart of a majestic skyline and sometimes falls over a landfill.

June 18, 2018
Joanna Walsh Digital Desire Lines

Art and tech are collaboratively mapping the future of Dublin via networks of practice, and the map is less goal-focused than a mood, a process: something produced by the friction of the city’s hopeful energy with the drag of brick and mortar.

June 4, 2018