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Amalia Ulman Pyongyang Elegance: Notes on Communism

Time stopped. The flight from Beijing is one hour long. That’s what the itinerary and the ticket said. And that’s what mattered because as much as my iPhone told me three hours had passed, time in North Korea is not ruled by Greenwich.

February 12, 2018
Noah Dillon Art in the Age of Misanthropic Reproduction

There will be more imposters, whether confidence men or redundancies. It is inevitable that some of them will be machines, either by accident or by design. Machines will soon think and some of them will make things that could be art.

January 29, 2018
Alissa Bennett August Ames

Porn suicides stir the heart’s obsessive embers. It’s not that the details of these deaths are any more lurid, but the depressingly familiar narrative that runs through many sad endings in pornography speaks to me acutely.

January 1, 2018