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Lizzie Feidelson The Motivational Video Archive

As videos accumulate, viewers chart the choices Ellsworth has made over the course of her ensuing adulthood. And so, the Archive is one of the few resources that shows the evolution, in real time, of a creative woman’s adult life.

November 20, 2017
Stephanie Wakefield Dreaming the Back Loop

Red skies hang over California, floodwaters lap at America’s Gulf Coast, and just about everything else seems to be going down the tubes. As we tip into the Anthropocene’s free fall, who hasn’t wondered if this is the beginning of the end?  

November 6, 2017
Margaret Lee Snapping in Chinatown

I witnessed an older white male, upon exiting the exhibition, manhandle an Asian protestor, shoving them out of his way. James Cohan Gallery employees stood by and did nothing. I snapped.

October 26, 2017