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Apr 11, 2017
Orit Gat Avocadospace

The connection between avocado toast, the corner pizzeria, l’eau d’Auster, and Samuel L. Jackson? Taste.

Mar 27, 2017
Gary Indiana Of the Fait Accompli

"Cretinizing" is the first word that came to mind when I read about the controversy—a word I’ll avoid putting in quotes, though this particular controversy seems nugatory—surrounding Dana Schutz’s painting “Open Casket” in the Whitney Biennial.

Feb 27, 2017
Renaud Proch Kayfabe

Interestingly, the focus was not only on the wrestlers, but on the larger wrestling world, one of spectacle and business. “C’est ‘meta’!” my friend whispered to me. “Not unlike the art world,” I remember thinking.

Feb 13, 2017
Ian Volner Philip Johnson and the New American Fascism

Johnson’s “inglorious detour” saw the brilliant, wealthy young designer and critic make a visit to Germany, where he took a shine to those beautiful blonde boys marching neatly through Nuremberg.

Jan 16, 2017
Chelsea Spengemann Fires Blazing on the Moon

At times the steam was all you could see or smell or touch. It was all-encompassing, and then suddenly it would dance off, taking the expanding image with it. 

Jan 2, 2017
Terence Riley Hope in Any Other

The layered waves of melody, emanating from one section, then another, suggest a spatial arrangement like a flock of birds taking wing, then careening this way and that, and finally disappearing into thin air.

Dec 19, 2016
Jim Lewis On the Everyday Life of Others

Pictures, books of pictures, collections of pictures, hard drives and smart phones full of pictures: these are inescapable. There is no more capacious storehouse of memories, including memory itself.